PEO En, Neteem

Professional employment outsourcing (PEO), known as “portage salarial” in French, is an alternative to employing a person directly in France, by asking a registered French “portage salarial” company to act as the employer of record !

Neteem is a registered employer in France, and has provided PEO services to hundreds of French and foreign contractors in France since 2002.

PEO En, Neteem
PEO En, Neteem

Professional Employment Outsourcing has the following legal requirements :

  • the employees must be “autonomous”  i.e. capable of prospecting to find their own clients & missions
  • the minimum salary must be 2500 €/month (i.e. approx 4000€ invoiced per month) for a full-time position.
  • the activity must not require the company to set up an entity in France (ie the role of the consultant must not involve taxable activities).

Each of our clients is unique, and while we structure our processes to ensure clarity and efficiency, we also know how to be flexible to meet the needs of your activity and your objectives. A typical PEO assignment involves :

  • Drafting a bilingual (French/English) employee work contract, in full compliance with French labour law
  • Comprehensive payroll processing (including sending payslips to the employees)
  • Preparation and electronic filing of all monthly, quarterly and yearly compulsory declarations with authorities
  • Electronic registration of all new starters and leavers
  • Management of absences (sick leave, maternity leave, etc)
  • Interfacing with French authorities on any inquiries or inspections
  • Provision of a bilingual (French/English) helpline to answer employment-related queries

Compliance : your employee is declared and employed in total compliance with French law, and has the same benefits as any other French employee.

Quick setup : you can start employing people tomorrow, if necessary.  We will just need some basic company and employee information to be able to draw up a contract and declare your employee to the French authorities.  We pride ourselves on very rapid turnaround times.

Easy to manage : we handle payroll, declarations, payslips & salary payments, in compliance with French regulations.  You just have one monthly invoice to pay.

You have identified a key talent for your business who is based in France ?  Our aim is to free you up from the headache of French labour law !   The consultant signs a work contract with Neteem and is our employee.  We provide the French labour law expertise and you just manage the individual’s day-to-day operational activity and performance.

All we will require from you is that you:

  • Provide new starter/leaver information
  • Provide monthly variable payroll information
  • Pay a monthly invoice

That’s it !  Neteem takes care of the rest.