NETEEM En, Neteem

Neteem has been supporting

independant consultants for more than 18 years
in France

Our mission is to manage the administrative burden for you, allowing you to concentrate on your assignments, while you benefit from the ’employee’ status and the coverage it provides.

our core values

NETEEM En, Neteem

From the start, Neteem has been guided by the following fundamental core values:

Neteem aims to provide reactive, friendly, bilingual support to all our consultants and clients.  We remain in close contact at all stages of their project.

At Neteem, we are clear and straightforward. Objective “100% compliance”. With a simple pricing policy, a clear ethical charter and no hidden contractual elements, Neteem invests in a healthy and lasting relationship with its consultants.

‘Portage salarial’ is not new, but the way it is organised and the governing legislation are constantly evolving.  Neteem stays ahead of these changes and offers its network of consultants business management solutions to support this innovative form of work.

Independence is at the heart of ‘portage salarial’.  Neteem has the highest respect for the independence of its consultants and their client relationships.  Neteem itself is a wholly independent company, dedicated exclusively to portage salarial/PEO in France.

An independent consultant does not need to be isolated ! Neteem works hand in hand with its consultants, to relieve them of the administrative management of their activity, allowing them to share feedback and best practice with other members of the Neteem consultant network.

Your employment contract and payslips are put together by our team of bilingual experts, in full compliance with French labour law.

NETEEM En, Neteem

Neteem is a registered training organisation, and is Datadock approved, which allows our consultants’ clients to benefit from OPCA or public financing for the training programs they provide.

Neteem’s employees are all covered, as required by law, for the payment of salaries and social contributions, through a bank guarantee with the CEGC.  Neteem also contributes to the Association de Garantie des Salaires (AGS).

NETEEM En, Neteem

Companies working with sub-contractors who provide labour are required to check that
their subcontractors are in compliance.
All the necessary Neteem employer certificates can be found here and
are regularly updated :

– Declaration relating to hiring compliance
– Compliance certificate from Social Security (URSSAF)
– Extract from the Trade and Companies Register (Kbis)
Professional liability insurance (RCP) certificate
Bank guarantee certificate covering the salaries and expenses of our consultants
Tax certificate


Let’s keep things simple !

In line with our core value of transparency, we deliver a straight-forward pricing policy, and apply a commission on the total salary cost (salary + contributions).  Expense reimbursements are not included in the commission calculation.

No negotiation necessary – we apply the same pricing structure to everyone !

If you have questions on payroll or French employment regulations, we are here to help.